Change Log

Information   Change Log
Jul 15 2013
    Initial release

Jul 16 2013
    1.  Fixed find method not bringing found text into the list view.

Jul 17 2013
    1.  Under certain conditions, a "Receive Error" may get caught in a continuous loop.  I now give you the ability to close the connection when this happens.
    2.  I now do a shutdown and close on all open connections when the application exits.

Jul 21 2013
    1.  Added IMAP, POP3, and SMTP to the Common menu and tool bar.
    2.  Added all the tool bar icons to the menus.
    3.  Added a progress bar / cancel dialog for servers with an expected initial response.
    4.  Converted all char buffers to std::string and std::stringstream wherever possible.

Jul 21 2013
    1.  Fixed uninitialized pointers that caused an intermittent crash.

Jul 29 2013
    1.  Added help files.
    2.  Added wait cursors.
    3.  Fixed a bug that caused intermittent truncation of large files being sent.

Aug 10 2013
    1.  Optimized the trace list display by loading all strings before displaying them.
    2.  Fixed buffer overflow on large sends.
    3.  Fixed small memory leak.
    4.  Added bridging.

Aug 14 2013
    1.  Added connected port, listening port, peer port, and peer IP address to appropriate traces.

Aug 29 2013
    1.  Added option in the trace menu to show / suppress trace error and warning messages.
    2.  Created greet dialog for opening text.
    3.  Added tools menu.
    4.  Added opening of multiple servers.
    5.  Created message box class to inforce dialog centering in all operating systems.

Sep 7 2013
    1.  Added IRC, LDAP, and Usenet to the Common menu and tool bar.

Oct 15 2013
    1.  Added the ability to set application preferences.
    2.  Added context sensitive help.
    3.  Created a Knowledge Base Wiki and added access via the Help Menu.

Oct 28 2013
    1.  Added a tool for resolving names to IP addresses and IP addresses to names.
    2.  Added a progress gauge during the connection process.
    3.  Fixed a bug that would rarely misformat a trace.

Dec 3 2013
    1.  Improved the find function to search in text or hexadecimal and find across rows in send and receive traces.
    2.  Added the application preference to set bridge tracing to show send details only, receive details only, or both send and receive details.
    3.  Fixed a bug that would occasionally lose track of the log file name.
    4.  Added the application preferences to show line numbers for the viewable and / or log file traces.
    5.  Narrowed down the error trace possible causes to be more responsive to the returned error code.

Jan 5 2014
    1.  Added language support for Chinese (simplified character set), French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Jan 21 2014
    1.  Fixed bug that would lose the chosen language when re-entering the Preferences Dialog.
    2.  Split language selection into application language and trace language.

Feb 21 2014
    1.  Translated help files.
    2.  Added trace extent selection after creating / changing the log file.

Mar 3 2014
    1.  Fixed a bug that sometimes lost the language after it is initially selected when the application is started for the first time.
    2.  Added a tool that searches the computer for ports in use / connected ports, listening ports, reserved ports, and all ports that can not bind.  This is a handy way to find what is / isn't running on your computer.
    3.  Added Dutch and Italian to the supported languages.  I now support Chinese(simplified character set), Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
    4.  Switched the HTML help files to use embedded images.  This dramatically reduces the number of files I need to install.
    5.  Changed the application, while running in Windows operating systems, to use a more efficient socket close.

Mar 25 2014
    1.  Fixed a bug that would cause crashing in Windows operating system while trying to find a wide string (extended character sets for multiple languages.)  This will probably fix other bugs that I have not discovered.
    2.  Added Czech, Danish, and Polish to the supported languages.  I now support Chinese(simplified character set), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.
    3.  Added a Progress / Cancel dialog while sending the contents of a file.
    4.  Added support for VPATH in Linux / Unix builds (thank you Matej Tyc.)

Apr 12 2014
    1.  Changed the Home Directory and Knowledge Base internal links to point to my own website (

Jun 9 2014
    1.  Added script functionality

Jun 13 2014
    1.  Added WhyCantIConnectDefines.h for first step in custom builds
    2.  Started distributing both 32 and 64 bit rpms and debs

Jul 4 2014
    1.  Added the ability to toggle dates and times in trace messages
    2.  Added the Clear Trace script element which clears the viewable and log file traces
    3.  Added the ability to store script runtime parameters directly in the script file
    4.  Added more steps to custom builds, these do not effect the core.

Jul 24 2014
    1.  Added a right click pop-up menu to the main window containing "Select All" and "Copy".
    2.  Added the ability to drag and drop the selected item(s) from the main window.

Aug 10 2014
    1.  Added the Produce Email script element which creates an email ready to send by the default client.
    2.  Added the ability for a Generic Client connect and a Generic Client send to signal they should wait for a response from the server.
    3.  Added the ability to set script message box sizes.
    4.  Fixed various minor bugs.
    5.  Renamed some classes / variables and added more defines to make the code more readable.

Sep 1 2014
    1.  Added function description traces.
    2.  Added trace detail level selection.

Oct 10 2014
    1.  Added the neighbors tool
    2.  display the MAC in the bind trace when the trace detail level is set to high

Nov 6 2014
    1.  Changed the ICMP load library failure to only disable using IMCP instead of disabling the entire neighbors tool option.
    2.  Removed the main list border.
    3.  Changed the Knowledge Base url to point to the new website layout.

Jan 1 2015
    1.  Upgraded wxWidgets to 3.0.x
    2.  Added host name reformatting which removes errors from an entered host name.
    3.  Added a trace to show the original and the reformatted host name.

Jan 29 2015
    1.  Added port testing in the neighbors tool.
    2.  Added a question dialog in preferences after changing the application language to synchronize the trace language.
    3.  Now showing the currently open trace file in the status line while hovering over the 'Create / Change The Log File' menu option.
    4.  Fixed a bug where false positive ICMP echo requests were occasionally reported in the neighbors tool.
    5.  Fixed a small memory leak in the neighbors tool.

Apr 19 2015
    1.  Moved the Ports In Use tool onto it's own thread.
    2.  Moved the Neighbors tool onto it's own thread.
    3.  Created the language selection combo box class.

May 22 2015
    1.  Added multiple trace font styles.
    2.  Switched the remembering of a server to when the name is resolved instead of when the name is connected.
    3.  Switched the Ports In Use default port type to listening.
    4.  Fixed a bug in the Script Save As to include the script run time parameters.

Jun 12 2015
    1.  Added the Check Wifi / Wired Network Login function.
    2.  Added some optimizations and fixed some small bugs.

Jul 30 2015
    1.  Fixed an occasional crash primarily in Linux systems
    2.  In the WiFi / wired login check, test that the expected router login page is listening on port 80 before launching it in a browser
    3.  Fixed various small bugs

Sep 9 2015
    1.  Added a cancel button to the connecting progress dialog.
    2.  Moved the acquiring local address, binding, and acquiring server address functions to their own thread.  Added a progress / cancel dialog for this thread.
    3.  Added detection of system logout / shutdown signals to close the application, destroy temporary files, and flush the trace file.

Dec 10 2015
    1.  Added SSL / TLS support for IMAP, POP3, SMTP, LDAP, Usenet, and Generic Client connections.
    2.  Added a trace showing the SSL / TLS certificate information after a connection.
    3.  Fixed a bug when connecting a Generic Client that expects a response.

Dec 27 2015
    1.  Added SSL / TLS support for Microsoft SQL, MySql, FTP, and IRC.

Aug 8 2016
    1.  Modified wxWidgets dependency for Ubuntu release 16.04.

Mar 11 2017
    1.  Fixed a bug that would occasionally freeze the application when attempting to create a secure connection with an unsecured port.
    2.  Fixed a bug where "Advanced" sockets where not supporting secure connections.

Jan 14 2020
    1.  Fixed a bug where the "Server Send" dialog and the "Server Shutdown" dialog where clipping the display of the connected socket handle.
    2.  Removed the WiFi connect option. Lacking time and hardware to support this in all operating systems for all routers, I will reintroduce this option when possible (check the README file to restore this option at it’s current state while compiling.)
    3.  Updated the MinGW compiler, wxWidgets, and OpenSSL versions for the Windows binary release (this and all future releases are no longer compatible with Windows XP.)
    4.  Added a Raspbian / armhf debian binary release.