Custom Builds / Custom User Interfaces

Why should I order a custom build for my company?

Do you have a company email server for your employees? Do you maintain a MySql server for your customer's inventory? Do your customers connect to you via tn3270? What do these have in common? They all receive help desk communications that start with “It's broken.” or “It doesn't work.” Now starts the torturous process of trying to gather the information from your customer or employee to solve their problem. What if you had a small application / smartphone app to handle this for you and your customer or employee. Just start the application, press a single button, and paste the results into an email or an internet relay chat. A custom build of "Why Can't I Connect?" will do this for you. All your IP addresses and ports are preset for all the connections (standard and non-standard) that your company supports. They can be launched individually or combined into a single script.

Download the custom build example application

Custom Build Demonstration

This demo shows some possible scenarios you might be interested in using:
1. Test an FTP connection, the IP address and port are preset. Your customer or employee need only press the button or select the menu item.
2. Test an IMAP connection, the IP address and port are preset but your customer or employee has the option of changing values.
3. Test a script. The script first clears the trace, tests an FTP connection, tests an IRC connection (this will fail), tests an IMAP connection, copy the entire trace into the clipboard, and create an email with recipients and a subject.

It is very lightweight (4 meg) and fully self contained. Just install it and run.

Does your company create client or server applications?

Have you ever had to create an interface to a server with limited access time?

What if you could capture the raw binary data of each transmission from the client and / or the server into individual files? Once captured, you could mimic either the client or server at your convenience. Initiate your stand-in with a Generic Client or Server and send the appropriate raw binary file as the response to incoming messages. Could this speed up your development? This is a possible extension of "Why Can't I Connect?" in your custom build.

Everything available in “Why Can't I Connect?” is available to you in your custom build. It can be as simple or complex as you wish, it's up to you. Your icons, your company name, any custom needs you have may be added.

Download the Custom Build Specification Tool

Custom Build Specification Tool

Custom Specification Tool Help / Instructions

One thing I've found with every custom software I've created is the specification is the most difficult, longest, and most misunderstood stage of the software. This tool should make the process shorter and much less painful. The tool will create an xml file of your specifications which may be uploaded here. You may also attach the specification file to an email sent to The specification supplied by this file will not be complete but it will get us well down the road to describing your needs.

Your custom application is licensed General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). You may distribute and modify it in anyway you see fit. I will deliver your compiled product, configuration files, script files, as well as your source code (c++).

I architected the application with the idea that I would be making custom builds so that releases could be quick and bug free.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Linux builds and source code are available for both the demo and specification tool.