Ports In Use

How do I use "Why Can't I Connect?"

Search the computer for ports in use / connected ports, listening ports, reserved ports, and all ports that can not bind.


Starting Port

Enter the starting number of the range of ports to be tested.

Total Ports

Enter the total ports to test. Enter 0 to test all remaining ports.

Port Type

Select the type of test to run on the ports.

Ports In Use / Connected Ports

Test for ports in use / connected ports.

Listening Ports

Test for listening ports.

Reserved Ports

Test for reserved ports (ports reserved by the operating system).

All Ports That Can Not Bind

Test for all ports that return an error while binding.

Show Trace Message Boxes

The 'Show Trace Message Boxes' check box is a convenience for turning off trace message boxes during ports in use testing (there may be many errors.)