Send from the Bridge Server to the connected client

How do I use "Why Can't I Connect?"

Choose the Connected socket handle for the connection you wish to send to (there can currently only be one.)

Choose Send Text to send the entered text.

Choose Send file to send the contents of the selected file.

Choose Out of band to send an out of band (high priority) message (one byte only.)

Choose Add 32 bit size header to add a 32 bit binary size indicator to the beginning of the message. This is a common method for reporting the entire size off a message to the receiving application. The bytes of the header will be ordered by the endian of the operating system. For example, the header for a 1000 byte message will appear as 00 00 03 E8 in a big endian operating system. It will appear as E8 03 00 00 in a little endian operating system.

Press the | ... | button to select the file you wish to send the contents of.