What is this trace telling me?

How do I use "Why Can't I Connect?"

TCP/IP sockets are asynchronous so there is no way to lay out a simple set of rules. The following is a common sequence of events you would expect to see while connecting to a server.

Here is an example of a successful connection to a MySQL server and the steps used.

Try to find the local machine name.

Check for a usable IP address.

A usable IP address has been found. If this fails, the network connection on the local machine has failed.

Bind the socket handle to a system assigned port. Now it can be used to connect.

Set the timeouts.

Resolve the server name to an IP address. If this fails, DNS is down, the server can't be seen from your machine, or the server is not in your host file.

The connection is successful. If this fails, the port is probably blocked by a firewall or the service is not available.

An opening message from the server. Everything looks OK.

We're done, close the connection.


All The Possible Trace Messages