What is bridging and how do I use it?

How do I use "Why Can't I Connect?"

Bridging allows you to insert “Why Can't I Connect?” between an existing client and server. You may then trace / analyze / diagnose the conversation between the two.

To use Bridging you want to:
1. Configure your client to connect to the Bridge Server.
2. Open the Bridge Server.
3. Connect the client to the Bridge Server.
4. Connect the Bridge Client to the server.
This will work for most circumstances, in some cases you may need to connect the Bridge Client to the server first.

Tracing sensitive data

I like my privacy. I don't want my personal data showing up in normal traces and sniffers. By setting “Why Can't I Connect?” tracing to “Headers And Errors Only”, only the TCP/IP conversation send / receive sizes, frequencies, and errors will show up in the trace. The actual data of the conversation will be excluded. This can often be enough to resolve the problem you're chasing without compromising customer data.

Send To Client and Send To Server

Are you developing a client or server? These are handy tools to send an entered message or the contents of a file without having to re-author or recompile your project. This was my original reason for writing this feature. It saved me a lot of development time.